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Duall Automation & Feeder Co. Designing and Building Automation Equipment Since 1963

Contract Packaging

At Duall Automation we package hardware items like nuts, bolts, screws, washers and wire nuts in clear polyethylene bags either plain or printed with part numbers.  We automate as much of the process as possible, but we can manually insert odd shaped items and printed literature.  Often sub-bags are made to go into master bags or cartons.  We can package as a sub-contractor to parts suppliers or direct to users.  We can receive parts direct from manufacturers and importers and drop ship direct to final customers.


Duall Automation is the premier screw packager in the Chicago area.

Why outsource packaging to Duall Automation?

  • Kit packaging - putting multiples of multiple parts in a bag
  • Bulk packaging parts in plastic bags for inventory control
  • If you have a shortage of facilities to perform the required job in-house
  • If you have a shortage of labor - Our full time staff is committed to providing only quality packages
  • If you have a shortage or lack of packaging equipment - no initial capital outlay required
  • Painted head screws are not a problem - Our equipment and personnel take special care to prevent damage
  • Faster production rates - We have multiple automated machines that can run your job
  • Better quality control - All Duall employees are very quality conscious. Packages are 100% inspected either by weight or visually or both - seals, printing and parts counts.  Therefore Duall guarantees less than 1 fault per 5 thousand.  Statistical sampling cannot guarantee this quality rate.  Your customers do not deserve anything less than this.

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