Duall Automation & Feeder Co. Designing and Building Automation Equipment Since 1963
Duall Automation & Feeder Co. Designing and Building Automation Equipment Since 1963

About Us

Duall Automation & Feeder Co. was incorporated in 1963 and Duall engineers were pioneers in the evolution of the automation industry.  We custom design and build machinery utilizing vibratory feeder bowls, rotary indexing tables and pick and place devices to automatically assemble and fabricate a variety of parts.


Accuracy, efficiency, reliability, worker comfort and safety are factors designed into every machine.

We work closely with our customers in the fields of electronics, medical disposables, automotive components, pneumatics, industrial hardware and a diverse range of manufacturing disciplines.  The fact that we perform service calls to machines more than 30 years old is testament to the durability and reliability built into our machines.  On occasion we have provided service on machines built by others.


The use of automated feeding and counting mated to packaging machinery was a natural offshoot of the custom automation business.  Not every project is able to justify the investment in capital equipment by the customer.  Therefore Duall Automation also offers contract parts packaging and contract assembly of parts where we utilize our machinery to perform the job for the customer.  We perform quality inspection as specified by the customer.


Duall Automation is recognized as the premier contract parts packager and contract parts assembler in the Chicagoland area.

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