Duall Automation & Feeder Co. Designing and Building Automation Equipment Since 1963
Duall Automation & Feeder Co. Designing and Building Automation Equipment Since 1963

Custom Automation Machines

Duall Automation designs and builds special automated machinery to assemble or machine your product.

Operations performed may include:

                       -  staking

                       -  soldering

                       -  ultrasonic welding

                       -  riveting

                       -  screw assembly

                       -  gluing

                       -  testing

                       -  a process unique to your application

When automation is used in a production operation it provides:

                      -  consistancy

                      -  repeatable process

                      -  controlled rate - may be monitored automatically

                      -  assurance that all parts are assembled or machined correctly

Automation allows the machinery to perform repeat operations while freeing up valuable manpower to be used in other positions.  Many of our customers have multiple machines built by Duall Automation.

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