Duall Automation & Feeder Co. Designing and Building Automation Equipment Since 1963
Duall Automation & Feeder Co. Designing and Building Automation Equipment Since 1963

Contract Parts Assembly

Why outsource assembly work to Duall Automation?

  • Shortage of facilities - If you don't have the floor space, electrical capacity or compressed air to perform the required job in-house.
  • Shortage of labor - When you don't have adequate, trained personnel to staff the job.
  • Lack of technical service personnel - Automated machinery can be highly technical.  Setup and maintenance must be performed by skilled people.
  • Both short run and long run assembly work is welcome.
  • No initial capital outlay required.  If quantities are high enough we will build a special automated machine for the job.

What about quality control?

  • Our engineers will meet with you to make sure requirements are clearly defined
  • Quality checks will be performed according to your specifications
  • All Duall employees recognize that quality service is of primary importance

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